God Is Great

Rockie Fresh – God Is Great (Official Video)

Look out for Maybach Music 3


Silk – We’re Calling You

This is a classic for the real men and women of the 90’s to vibe to. I know you youngins think you know R&B- that grooving music, that slow it down, that groove rhythm, that late night music.  Yall think you know how to finesse. This is before your time though. 80’s babies- Salute. If you grew up in the 90’s and were old enough to remember this- Salute.

This was a little bit before I knew the true depths of what could be experienced with music like this. Once innocence was gone I enjoyed this properly as I peeped game early on and used the lessons learned from the lyrics to help make life a little easier for a young player.  Enjoy the video and comment about your thoughts/memories about and with this song.

As always- Live Alive and Live Free – Love Life and Live Loving.

Wiz Khalifa – Look Into My Eyes


With his album being only months away, Wiz gives us a sampling of what’s in store for his fans by offering the track titled “look into my eyes” –

“Look Into My Eyes” may not be on the actual album, though its release is much appreciated and will definitely be getting plenty of spins around here.  Live by the code and listen after the jump.

Live Free — Live Alive